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Myco Fusion Bio Jolt 1.5 Beneficial




BIO-JOLT 1.5 works in conjunction with all of Santiam Organics' inoculants and with RHIZO-CHARGE 2.0. As a natural bio stimulant, BIO-JOLT helps plants maintain high levels of what they need the most to grow and flourish. Regular application (every 2 weeks) of BIO-JOLT will result in improved yield and shortened cycle times.

This product is micronized and is designed to be mixed with liquid and applied as a drench or through drip lines.

Continuing to step 3, Bio-Jolt 1.5 is a natural bio stimulant drench product applied periodically to further enhance plant growth and yield. Maximize your crop with the Santiam System.

Mix with liquid (either water or liquid organic fertilizer) and applied as a drench over existing plants
Delivers necessary nutrients to plan and organisms that are in the mycorrhizosphere
Micronized blend of beneficial myco-symbiotic organisms
Store in a dry cool place

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