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Cyco Nutrients Platinum Series Uptake




Cyco Uptake is a source of humates in the form of Humic acid which is a stage of decomposition of plant matter that contains large carbon based molecules that are receptive to bonding with heavy metals and minerals. These naturally chelating trace elements become immediately available for plants to use. Fulvic Acid is a purified version of Humic Acid and when mixed as they are in this product, create a versatile, more soluble solution.
This product performs better than other Humic Acid based competition due to its purity which prevents it sitting at the bottom of a tank. Once you've experienced the effectiveness of Cyco Uptake delivering that little extra to boost your garden, you'll wish you'd been using it forever.

Cyco Platinum Series Uptake can be used through both vegetative and flowering phases and is a source of humates that act as a mechanism for transporting trace minerals to promote healthy growth.
Enhances uptake of micronutrients
Premium Humates
Contains Fulvic Acid
Increases cell membranes
increases mineral efficency

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