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Advanced Nutrients

Bud Factor X and Rhino Skin Bundle Pack




 Rhino skin - protects plants from excessive water loss in hot and dry environments and promotes a stronger resistance in crops to foliar diseases and insects such as spider mites. The ingredients in the formulation are quickly taken up by plants and create an effective barrier between the plant and damage from environmental conditions and insects. Food grade silicate, an ingredient in the formulation, is translocated by the plant into the spaces between plant cells and into the cell wall; creating hardier and tougher plant cells. Rhino skin is used throughout the flowering cycle and allows other key ingredients in the formula to increase flower and fruit densities, creating bigger yields. Bud factor-X creates superior quality yields by triggering the plant to create more resins and tetraploids. The bioactive components and cofactors stimulate this natural process. Higher quality harvests are created by enticing the plants inherited response to produce and secrete essential oils. Plants also become less likely to fall victim to insect attacks and flower diseases while able to maintain the photosynthetic process at increased rates under intensive growing conditions.

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