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Aptus StartBoost




Why Use StartBoost Powerful root and growth stimulator (more roots and plant growth) Improved development of stems, root system, and plant tissue (vegetative) Improves micro-life populations and strength Improves cellular development of stems (up to 2x thicker) How to Use StartBoost Add StartBoost to your reservoir every feeding during the complete vegetative phase and first week of the flowering stage.

Second in the Aptus Premium Collection is StartBoost, a dark smelly, concentrated liquid designed to stimulate root growth, vegetative growth, enhance soil micro-life, and increase soil structure and fertility. StartBoost is 100% organic with bioactive ingredients, which encourages the development of the root system and vegetative growth. Specific micro-life biomass works to enhance root development. It stimulates root hair development while conditioning the soil and providing bioavailable nutrition during vegetative growth.

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