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PeakBoost is a better option than many combined P/K boosters because it allows the targeted application of phosphorus when and where the plant needs. Often when P and K are added in high quantities at the same time, one or the other remains unused in the medium. This can cause antagonism, chemical binding, and nutrient lockout. PeakBoost contains organic acids that can help to adjust pH-down for your nutrient mixture. PeakBoost is 100% soluble in water and doesn't leave residue in reservoirs and irrigation systems. Why Use PeakBoost Provides high levels of natural bioavailable phosphorus during the early generative and bloom stages Minimizes antagonism and lockout of phosphorus with other nutrients Powerful stimulating effect on the blooming process 100% water soluble and organo-mineral leaving no residue How to Use PeakBoost Add PeakBoost to your reservoir every feeding from the second week to the sixth week of the flowering stage. It's okay to extend or shorten the usage of PeakBoost based upon the total flowering time of your specific plant. When mixing with any calcium supplements (like MassBoost), be sure to allow one to mix in the solution before adding the other to minimize the formation of calcium-phosphate bonds, which renders both unavailable to the plant.

PeakBoost is organo-mineral phosphorus booster that improves blooming processes and stimulates the production or proteins, plant hormones and vitamins.
Phosphorus is needed in higher quantities during the initial stages of fruit and flower development.
Phosphorus tends to get locked up in the growing medium and become unavailable to plants. This results in deficiencies and mineral antagonism in the medium.
By combining with organic L-amino acids, the phosphorus is buffered and protected from these mineral interactions.
This ultimately means you can use far less fertilizer input and achieve the same or better results.

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